I’m mostly over here now. Tumbling is like blogging without all of the giving a shit.

For what it’s worth, I think that WordPress is the best blogging platform. It just turns out that a blogging platform isn’t what I’m really looking for.

Caveat emptor?


Rejecta Mathematica | Caveat Emptor

Rejecta Mathematica is a new, open access, online journal that publishes only papers that have been rejected from peer-reviewed journals (or conferences with comparable review standards) in the mathematical sciences. We are currently seeking submissions for our inaugural issue.

AlterNet: Blogs: PEEK, all Chuck Norris jokes notwithstanding.

Leopard is the New Vista, and It’s Pissing Me Off – Yahoo! News

I’m not sure what ticks me off more about Leoptard (I can’t take credit for that nickname—some Brit coined it): the fact that so many of the semi-important changes don’t work, the fact that Apple turned a stable OS into a crash-happy glitz fest, or that the annoying, scruffy Live Free or Die Hard actor infecting my TV (and our Web site, by the way) is pretending that Leopard is better than Vista. It’s not better than Vista. Leopard is Vista. And Tiger is better than both of them!

My last post notwithstanding, I’m trying to put Ubuntu on my messed up iBook right now. I don’t think it’ll work, I suspect that the logic board is what killed it. But it couldn’t hurt.

It’s difficult to become knowledgeable about computing without becoming a fanatic. I feel like I’ve achieved this balance, though it hasn’t been easy. So allow me to introduce myself, I am the reasonable computer nerd.

  • I’m savvy enough to care about open source software, but not fanatical enough to use it exclusively, especially when commercial software is better
  • I’m savvy enough to have a favorite text editor, but not fanatical enough for that editor to be Emacs
  • I’m savvy enough to have bought a Mac, but not fanatical enough to have bought another one when the first one broke
  • I’m savvy enough to use Linux, but not fanatical enough to abandon the convenience of commercial operating systems
  • I’m savvy enough to write code, but not fanatical enough to decry WYSIWYG editors

In other words, computing, like life, should be based in part on philosophy and in part on pragmatic considerations.

‘South Park’: All Online, All for Free

MTV Networks plans to make every clip from every episode of hit animated comedy “South Park” available for free online next year as part of a strategy to reach consumers everywhere.

The decision from the biggest division of media conglomerate Viacom Inc follows on the heels of the “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” whose popularity online has helped boost television viewership.

Check out the spike in my stats after my post about oss and math:


I never intended for this blog to have an audience 😉 but I don’t mind.