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The geographic distribution of people that refer to soft drinks as “pop,” “coke” and “soda.” Link. Via Reddit. Advertisements

The latest version of Radio Economics features Dr. Jagdish Bhagwati, who speaks on immigration. The absolute coolest part of the discussion is when Bhagwati invokes John Stewart to explain the exaggeration of the number of immigrants.

[Note: this post contains computer nerd content.] Via, I have recently discovered several useful applications for Mac OS X. Eigenmath is a basic computer algebra system that can handle, among other things, limits, differentiation and integration. It is free and open-source. There is also a Windows version. SimpleTeX4ht is a frontend for, you guessed […]



SMALKOWSKI FOUND NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS: In closing argument, Edwin told the jury that it really should not be necessary for an Atheist to tell them it is wrong to lie under oath, as he reminded them the Christian school officials and the police had done in their sworn trial testimony. “Thou shall not […]

This weekend I finished The Worldly Philosophers by Robert Heilbroner. The book is at once an introduction to the history of economic thought, tracing a path from Adam Smith, through Malthus, Ricardo, Edgeworth and others, and ending with Keynes, Schumpeter and even Mankiw, as well as a look into the lives and personalities of those […]

You can’t really make it out, but there is a five-step set of instructions for washing your hands. Here’s my thinking: the same environment that would be conducive to learning to read (and I mean, that’s a pretty easy-to-obtain environment) would also be conducive to learning to wash your hands. At what point would a […]

The Pew Internet Project has a new report on blogging. Some of the more interesting conclusions: * Most bloggers blog for themselves, not an audience. I’m much in that category. While I welcome an audience, even if I was sure that nobody could read this stuff, I’d still write it. It’s more of an intellectual […]