Favorites so far


Here are my favorite things from the last nine or so months:

Movie: Capotie. I also really liked Basquiat, but that’s about 10 years old.

Album: Springtime Can Kill You, by Jolie Holland. Mexican Blue (track 12) almost makes me want to cry.

Book: The Undercover Economist, by Tim Harford. A great plain-language introduction to why economic analysis is so damned powerful. Note the distinctive lack of math, too.

Runners up: Really liked the American version of The Office (liked the Brit version as well), but I’m not that into TV these days. Thank You For Smoking had a nice ring to it. The new Gomez CD (How We Operate) is quite good. Sadly, I haven’t read any books recently that were written in the last year, besides The Undercover Economist, that is.

Update: I forgot about City of God. Great flick. Tied with Capote.


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