Handwashing instructions. Thanks.


You can’t really make it out, but there is a five-step set of instructions for washing your hands. Here’s my thinking: the same environment that would be conducive to learning to read (and I mean, that’s a pretty easy-to-obtain environment) would also be conducive to learning to wash your hands. At what point would a parent, guardian or teacher (or whoever) spend the time to teach a child to read, but never bother to say “make sure you put soap on your hands, rinse them, and dry them when you’re done?”

Another thing about this particular coffee shop is that there’s a girl who works there that looks sometimes hot, sometimes not. We call her “shifty,” as in “shape shifter.” I don’t mean it in a derogatory way — were she just hot or just not hot she would be an equally good person, I’m sure. But how does she pull off the transformation? But that’s an entirely different blog post.


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