My trip to Pittsburgh so far


1. Sitting at the airport listening to a conversation about how cool The Family Guy is, I expected the kids behind me to be in their late teens. When I left I caught a glimpse; they were mid 20’s. Weird.

2. Traveling is all about WiFi. Airport, hotel, coffee shop. You need an internet connection. My hotel had WiFi, but it didn’t work in my room. So I was outside on the stairs looking at roommate listings on Craigslist and smoking a cigarette when a bunch of drunk jackasses rolled up from the local bar and started annoying the shit out of me. Apparently someone with a laptop isn’t a common sight in Coraopolis, PA.

3. I have A/C in my car. I couldn’t be happier.

4. I rented an apartment. $275 a month, sorta far from campus, but right on the main bus line, and close to all the downtownish niceness. It’s a piece of shit, but I’ll live. Plus, my lease is 4 months! Did I mention that it’s under $300 a month???

5. Oh, and I learned that if you claim that security reasons might make you miss your flight, United Airlines will change your reservation for free.

Update: Oh, and then I discovered a stretch of road with about 400 bars on it. I need to steer the hell clear of that place.


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