More Snakes on a Plane goodness


First off, here’s the music video from the movie, which, in keeping with the overall theme of cheesiness, totally sucks, but in a funny and good way:

Also, according to the Wikipedia entry on SoaP (which is about as long as the Wikipedia entry for Snakes):

In a move which goes against usual movie merchandise practices, New Line Cinema partnered with to permit fans of Snakes on a Plane to become official licensees of Snakes on a Plane merchandise. This opened the door for millions to design and sell not only t-shirts, but other gift items such as mugs. Designers are restricted from using any copyrighted images or content created by New Line Cinema (e.g. images from the film), or images/depictions of the individual actors in the film. Fans have already responded by creating hundreds of designs including those using the full title of the film, something allowed by the New Line Cinema/CafePress partnership.

In short, I’m gonna be making some sweet SoaP shirts later tonight.

Update: Yup, here are my Snakes on a Plane shirts! Plain, yet bitterly ironic.

Here’s the graphic:



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