My dream app


What is My Dream App all about?

My Dream App is a grand experiment to see what happens when you combine the expertise of some of the best talents in the software and tech world with great ideas and feedback from everyone else.

It works like this. For the first two weeks of the event, we’ll be collecting ideas for killer apps from hundreds, hopefully thousands of contestants. Then, the My Dream App team will be narrowing these down to 24 great (and developmentally feasible) entries.

I think this is a great idea. I even submitted an app (which I would love). Excuse the langauge, I had to work around a 500 character limit. I call it LaTeXExpress, and it would replace Word, Writer, Appleworks, etc. with a simple, packaged, LaTeX frontend and engine, possibly ushering in the structured document revolution (note: this is hyperbole):

A graphical, LaTeX-based document processing system. LaTeX is a useful typesetting system, but its interface (use & installation) is a barrier for many. I propose a system similar to LyX, with the following characteristics: it uses the structured LaTeX format as the underlying format and offers a source view; it offers a live preview; a simple LaTeX engine is included in the app bundle; it includes conversion to/from other formats. This system would be versatile and easy to use.


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