Tales from the drive to Pittsburgh, part deux


Above is the road Starbucks. Next to the normal food and lodging signs on the highway, they have little Starbucks logos. Seeing one is like catching a glimpse of heaven.Somehow Ohio is the opposite of Nebraska in terms of music on the radio. No 80’s tunes at all, but tons of jazz. I can’t complain.

My hotel room smells like someone’s asshole died in it a few weeks ago, and the maids haven’t found it yet. But, there’s free wireless and cable. I’m watching Nip/Tuck right now. Sweet.

Apparently I’m in “Maumee” Ohio (Insert “paupee” joke on your own time). It doesn’t really matter. Northern Indiana and Ohio are all one enormous toll road. I’ll be in the ‘burgh by early afternoon tomorrow. That is, I will if I don’t blow out another tire. That was fun, I got to sweat bullets and change a tire on the shoulder of I80 in Davenport Iowa, then spend about an hour in the local mall — which, by the way, could have been the local mall of Anytown, USA.

Okay, I’ve got the tired. More later.


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