Saturday night’s all right for fighting


So, tonight I visited Pittsburgh’s Brew House to see Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The play itself was all right — it was an adaptation of the original Alice In Wonderland[*] featuring a drug addict, street kids, pimps, an S&M club, a catholic school girl and, most notably, a tea party with Matty (the Mad Hatter), who had multiple personalities (including one that memorably used the phrase “he just had sex with the d-d-d-dead corpses”). But the really nice part was the location: it was an arthouse theater in a warehouse in what was otherwise some sort of industrial district. I truly enjoyed taking in a bit of local art in a setting that wasn’t prefabricated and suburbanized.

At intermission, we found some packets that contained nicely-made, highly artistic posters that just happened to feature anti-Rick Santorum messages, which we (somewhat drunkenly) plastered all over our walls. Among these posters is one that reads “Rick is watching,” which I pinned up over the toilet. Nice touch, eh?

After the play, my roomie suggested that we go to Mt. Washington, from where you can get a nice look at the Pittsburgh skyline. Hence the picture above.

[*] Incidental nerd note: Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carroll. Queen Victoria was apparently delighted with the work and requested a copy of his next. Carroll, not just a bizarre fiction author, sent her a copy of An Elementary Treatise on Determinants, a mathematical tract. You can read about Carroll’s method for taking determinants here.


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