[Note: this is a computer nerd post.]

Since I’m trying to distribute my work life across two computers, I’ve been trying a few strategies to keep things together so I have access to all of the files that I need.

I’m using Foxmarks to keep my bookmarks synched. Yes, I could just use, but I have so many posts there that I can’t find things quickly. I really just need to keep tabs on a few bookmarks, like some of the tech support links for CMU.

I’m trying to get Cisco VPN Client working on my Mac, so I can just mount a network drive with all of my school files and never have to worry about transferring files again. Unfortunately, it won’t work. And I know it’s not the router or DSL line because I got it working on the same connection on my PC.

So as a workaround, I’m using Fetch to SSH files to my Unix account. The downside is that I have to open the client and consciously transfer necessary files. It’s not difficult, but there’s a good chance that in all my business, I’ll leave some important stuff out here and there.


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