I am extremely dissatisfied with Sprint


// Update: I finagled my way into a new battery, so I’m happy now. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have been able to figure it all out if I hadn’t discovered by trial that Sprint has no idea what’s going on… //

I have a phone. It does not work. Well, it does. Sometimes. When it’s plugged in. But only some of the time that it’s plugged in. Well, to be fair, it works for about 30 seconds if it isn’t plugged in, but the process of dialing usually takes at least 10…

So I go to Sprint Store A. They tell me I can buy a new battery for $70 or see if my phone fails the “Sprint battery test,” which involves leaving my phone overnight. If it fails, the battery is $35. At this point, my phone still works some of the time, so I decide to stick it out until December, when I’m due for a free upgrade.

In the meantime, my phone degrades to the level described above.

So I go to Sprint Store B. It takes an hour because the store is downtown. They don’t do service, but they will give me $75 off of a new phone. I don’t think I should have to buy a new phone simply because a product that I already purchased isn’t working correctly.

So I go to Sprint Store C. They tell me they’ll have the phone fixed in an hour or they’ll replace it, and it will cost either $35 or $55 dollars. Not fair, I think, because their product was faulty. But at this point I’m desperate, and $55 doesn’t sound that bad compared to the price of a new phone.

I return to Sprint Store C. They tell me that my phone is not under warranty and that there is a problem with the battery. The battery warranty lasts for one year, while you qualify for a new phone every two years. A new battery now costs $40, although they usually give people $15 off with my model of phone, since battery problems are fairly common. In fact, they’ve been remodeling the store, and have given away several free batteries for phones of my type. None of this matters, however, since they don’t have any batteries. They suggest that I try to go find a place that sells such batteries. Thanks, dude, ’cause I wouldn’t have thought of that.

I’m kind of pissed that I was told that my phone would be repaired in an hour and now I’m being told that I couldn’t even pay for a new battery for my phone if I wanted to. I ask, since I’m due for a free upgrade soon anyway, if there’s any way that I could just get the upgrade a bit sooner. Not at this store, I’m told, but you can try arguing with Sprint customer service. So I call customer service. Actually, I drive home, plug my phone in for an hour just to get it to turn on, then lay on my bed and call customer service, since my phone is completely fucking useless. Customer service tells me that I could buy a new phone and get a $150 rebate in 6-8 weeks. They also tell me that I can upgrade my phone for free in 7 days (not two months, like I’d been told twice — actually, I think that was a mistake). Either way, I can’t afford to get the phone fixed.

To summarize:
(1) Sprint has no idea how much its batteries cost
(2) Sprint has no idea when I’m eligible for an upgrade
(3) Nobody at Sprint will help me get a working phone without purchasing a new phone or a new battery
(4) My phone doesn’t work
(5) I wasted an entire day on all of this shit


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