How’s school going?


A common question. So far, here’s the summary:

-> It’s much harder than I ever expected. The mathematics, it seems to me, is at a very high level, but it isn’t really the focus of the courses. So a lot of free time (actually, all of it) is spent learning, brushing up on, and trying to comprehend the necessary math. Hopefully this will get better as the most important elements are learned.

-> I’m behind. First I was generally tired from the move, then shell shocked and unfamiliar with the background math, then I was sick. As a result, I’m still a bit behind in the coursework, and I’ll have to log a lot of study hours in the next month to begin to catch up. Then, I’m sure, it will be lather, rinse, repeat.

-> It’s still kind of fun. Even though I don’t understand everything, I enjoy the fact that I’m being taught the real stuff. No watered down master’s or undergraduate-level explanations. Gives me a sense of dignity and purpose.

For now, I’m trying to focus on (1) getting things done, (2) sleeping and eating as needed and (3) not losing sight of the ultimate objective: doing cool research. Maybe I can fit a social life in there somewhere, too, but I doubt it.


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