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Here is an interesting article that argues the inefficiencies of Halloween. For example: It’s not the dead that concern me about Halloween. And it is not the impact of all that sugar on the weight of our kids. No, it’s the dead-weight loss, or pointless lost utility of the entire enterprise. That likely has a […]

And he makes very good points, including accusing Dick Cheney of drinking the blood of puppies!

I had no idea that this existed. It just uses the widget interface ( to let you write quick plain-html posts from the sidebar. As usual, the basics are the best. It’s fast and easy to use. – Why some numbers don’t compute: We assume the information we are given is at least somewhat accurate and, therefore, use that as an anchor around which to evaluate new information or make informed guesses. … Wesleyan University psychologist Scott Plous says politicians and others who seek to influence people “will generally be most […]

He’s never mad at you if you carry him with you in your heart… Oh he is, he most definitely is.

Take 1


The first round of finals are over. I don’t think I failed any of them. Next semester: stay on top of the material and get plenty of sleep, to the extent that those objectives aren’t mutually exclusive, that is. It’ll all be worth it. I love learning econometrics at the highest level. I love being […]

“At first a superfluous hypothesis and at most an unparsimonious one.” Also, I know what bagatelle means. Ha.