Wonderfully true grad student jokes


Everything Blog: The Top Ten Lies Told by Graduate Students
My favorites are

You might be a grad student if:

…you regard ibuprofen as a vitamin.

…you look forward to summers because you’re more productive without the distraction of classes

…you reflexively start analyzing those greek letters before you realize that it’s a sorority sweatshirt, not an equation

Since (1) ibuprofen is the featured decoration in my office, (2) I was just two days ago explaining to friends that time spent in class is wasted since I don’t understand anything without reading the book and (3) I saw an advertisement the other day “chicken w/ sauce” in which the slash was too leftward leaning, so it read “chicken w|sauce” and for a full minute I wondered what the meaning of “chicken given sauce” was, I might be a graduate student.


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