On the availability of free cartoons online


Consider the following trends:

  • DailyEpisodes.com has shut down, presumably due to legal threats (TechNuts.com) has Family Guy, Futurama, Simpsons, South Park and American Dad episodes, but who knows for how long
  • Nothing good, especially from NBC, gets put on YouTube or Google Video anymore
  • ThrowAwayYourTV.com and OneGoodMove.org/1gm rarely have good Daily Show clips (and the ones available from ComedyCentral.com don’t play well, at least on Firefox on my iBook

In other words, people keep coming up with ways to transmit their favorite material, and the companys that produce and sell that material keep coming up with ways (mostly litigious ones) to prevent that material from passing freely. In some sense, this kind of competition is good, and will probably lead to some sort of low-cost compromise. But for sad people like me without cable or even a TV, it seems ridiculous that the internet, that vast resource, can’t keep me up to date on my favorite shows (for free, of course).


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