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About two months in, and graduate school has changed my life. Right now the most salient example is what I consider “easy.” When I took real analysis a couple of years ago, I thought that my book was poorly written. It contained too few examples, I thought, and the explanations were inadequate. Last night I […]

I’m a heavy believer in the Presentation Zen approach to slide writing. Slides should be simple and present main ideas. Bulleted lists should be used sparingly, since they often result in the most important information being presented in a small point, in a small font, at the end of a slide. They’re also boring. The […]

MacFixIt – Mac OS X anti-virus software: More trouble than it’s worth?: …no single piece of Mac OS X malware has yet managed to successfully cause significant system damage or reliably spread…

Ambassador Youth – Blogs – and God’s Youth: Should teenagers and others in the Church express themselves to the world through blogs? Because of the obvious dangers; the clear biblical principles that apply; the fact that it gives one a voice; that it is almost always idle words; that teens often do not think before […]



I haven’t been blogging much. This is a direct result of the shear amount of work that I have on my plate right now. I have finals next week in math, micro and econometrics. Each will be challenging. In the few days until it all hits the fan, I have to review scores of lecture […]

   I got a new phone. Looks like the picture quality hasn’t gotten any better.

I operate a website that has tips on software and techniques for data analysis[*]. Most of the material is practical, not theoretical, since my theoretical data analytic training is only beginning. Nevertheless, there is a good store of material that I wrote to help people getting started with different software packages hit the ground running […]