Dole: Dems ‘content with losing’ in Iraq – Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON – The head of the GOP Senate campaigns on Sunday sought to deflect growing criticism about the war in Iraq, saying her party will prevail in Tuesday’s elections partly because “Democrats appear to be content with losing.”

 Sen. Elizabeth Dole, R-N.C., acknowledged that Republicans face a tight race to maintain control of the Senate, but that voters will focus more narrowly on local issues. Democrats need to take six seats to gain power in the 100-member Senate.

I hate this rhetoric. A war is started with (i) the promise that it is justified, i.e. that there are weapons of mass destruction and (ii) indications that it will be short. Both of those propositions — the very ones that lead hesitant policymakers to agree to support the war — turn out to be false and now critics are derided as being unpatriotic of “content to lose.” In any battle there comes a point where the smartest thing to do is to cut your losses. Good rhetoric –> bad policy.


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