Panther free toolkit, updated


I back up the free/open-source software that I use, especially for my iBook, which is still running (now-outdated) Panther. Here’s what’s on the most recently updated disk:

  • BBEdit Plugins: Tools for running LaTeX from within BBEdit/TextWrangler
  • ClamXav: The open-source ClamAV virus engine, plus a frontend
  • DesInstaller: A .pkg removal utility
  • DropCompress: An open-source compression utility
  • Fink: Tools for running ports of Linux software on OS X
  • Firefox: The latest version
  • gnuplotGUI: A simple interface for working with gnuplot (either via Fink or High-Performance Computing)
  • i-Packages: TeX and Ghostscript — fattened packages so that I can remove/install using i-Installer without having an internet connection
  • i-Installer: The LaTeX isntaller/package manager for OS X
  • JavaPantherUpdate: Adds Java 1.4 to Panther (necessary for NeoOffice)
  • NeoOffice: Native office suite for OS X based on
  • OnyX: A system maintenance and repair utility
  • Quicksilver: The file/folder/application launcher
  • R: An open-source implementation of S, the statistical programming environment
  • Seashore: A native image editor based on the GIMP
  • TeXShell: A frontend for processing LaTeX files with teTeX and gwTeX
  • TeXShop: A native LaTeX editor and previewer
  • TextWrangler: A free, extensible text editor from Barebones software
  • Yacas: A symbolic algebra and plotting system

All of these applications are free (just google them).


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