The music scene in Pittsburgh


Basically, it’s mixed. Last night I was able to see, for only $5, Blackalicious on the CMU campus. I was surprised that I was able to see such a cool band in such a small (and strange) location. In Denver, this crowd would have spilled into the streets. Also, Andrew Bird was the opener, which is a strange but delightful combination. Sadly, I missed his performance.

Tonight I saw Death Cab for Cutie. Good show. I last saw them at the Fox in Boulder. It was a small venue with a proportionately small crowd. I remember thinking “who are these guys?” Since then they’ve gone major label, had a few radio-time level hit songs and appeared on SNL. I think I liked them better in the more intimate venue, but it’s nice to see that they’re getting the credit and acclaim that they deserve. The crowd was (as I expected) very subdued, and not at all as “indy” as I’d hoped, but I liked it.


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