Adobe Reader rant


To start, I love the PDF file format. It looks like print, it embeds fonts, it’s portable, it’s great. I was using PDF for everything a long time ago — first in school, then in print when InDesign could work with embedded PDFs, and now, once again, in school — mostly due to LaTeX.

On the Mac, I mostly use Preview to view PDFs, but sometimes I want features that only Adobe Reader has. I wiped my iBook out over the summer and hadn’t reinstalled it yet, so I did so today. The process is ridiculous, you must (1) download a downloader, (2) run the downloader then (3) run an installer. What a waste of time. Give me a file and be done with it.

I also seem to remember the Windows version trying to install Yahoo Toolbar — ridiculous. Thank got they hooked me up with Pro.


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