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Why you can’t get iPods at a discount. – By Sean Cooper – Slate Magazine: As for Apple, part of what you pay for when you buy an iPod or a MacBook Pro is the coolness factor. Digital cameras, LCD TVs, and DVD players tend to be so similar from brand to brand and model […]

Scrooge and intellectual property rights — Stiglitz 333 (7582): 1279 — BMJ: At Christmas, we traditionally retell Dickens’s story of Scrooge, who cared more for money than for his fellow human beings. What would we think of a Scrooge who could cure diseases that blighted thousands of people’s lives but did not do so? Clearly, […]

Yup, this is Denver International Airport before and after the blizzard.

I just found out that John Hodgman’s audiobook version of “The Areas of my Expertise” is available online as a free download. Get it here (if you have iTunes). Now sit back and say “huzzah,” because the day is yours.



From Oxford University: Gerin Oil Addiction

Michael Crichton, jurassic prick: I’m not going into detail, but read the article and you’ll agree that Michael Crichton is, in fact, a jackass. I had a hunch ever since “State of Fear,” but since I never read the book, I held my tongue.

Gawker has a list of blog-cliches that have become ubiquitous and annoying. Sadly, I think I’ve used most of them, though I think I employed them quite a while ago, as I tend to eschew the verbal ticks of others. I’m still using [adjective]-y goodness quite a bit, though. Maybe it’s time for some rethinking. […]