This is great news for open-source loving OS X geeks


Illuminous, meet Gtk+ – O’Reilly Mac DevCenter Blog:

Rumors abound that Apple will update or replace their Windowing Interface (Aqua) with a new system. Whether they do or don’t there still is some big news in User Interfaceland. Gtk+ is being ported to the Mac so that it runs natively.

Imendio, the European company behind the project, says the goal is to “run Gtk+ applications without X11 on Mac OS X.”

I sincerely hope it’s true. It would mean running Gimp, Inkscape, and a host of other applications on OS X without X11, and it would once again make OS X the undeniably superior platform (my only hesitation at present is that I can run all of those apps natively on Windows).


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