Mathematics has stifled my verbal creativity


Gawker has a list of blog-cliches that have become ubiquitous and annoying. Sadly, I think I’ve used most of them, though I think I employed them quite a while ago, as I tend to eschew the verbal ticks of others. I’m still using [adjective]-y goodness quite a bit, though. Maybe it’s time for some rethinking. Perhaps when I get to the writing stage of my PhD I’ll regain my once-envied wordsmanship.

Bad Lingo: Blog-Media Clichés – Gawker:

[adjective]-y goodness
“Goodness” once might have served as a comical placeholder for sarcastic expressions of positivity, but now it exists in this construction purely to demonstrate the high-lariousness of the writer. A near cousin replaces “goodness” with a noun specific to the context, such as “his sexy backness.”

Also, I don’t think these are really specific to blogging, though I can see where writing to one’s blog could encourage them, since most blogs aren’t really that formal and don’t get scrutinized as much as professional or academic writing and since, particularly on personal blogs, people post several quick entries per day just to get the information out there (hence the [adjective]-y goodness-titled posts).


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