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I recently moved to a new apartment, and in an effort to combat my growingly problematic internet addiction, I’m holding out on getting internet access. So far my productivity has increased slightly, though my sanity has taken a noticeable dive. Nevertheless, I’m going to try to stay the course, which probably means reduced blog posting […]

Bare Bones Software : SUPPORT : TextWrangler : Current Release Notes Damnit, I really need to get OS X 10.4. I’m kinda hanging on for either 10.5 or a huge financial windfall. The new version of TextWrangler has built-in Markdown support. I really want that. Goodbye word processors.

Wired News: David Lynch’s Weird, Wired World: Wired: On that note, I want to talk about your coffee — I thought you were considering a branded coffee. Lynch: I haven’t found a coffee better than the one I’m drinking now. The idea is to really get … this is all subjective, but I know […]

Bizarre Boiling: Here’s some good old fashioned science nerdery — what does boiling look like in space. The short story is that there is no convection, so a rolling boil in which bubbles rise to the top does not occur. Check out the video.

Zompist’s Rant Page Just read it.