On introvertedness


From Psychology Today:

Amanda Guyer, a psychologist at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, has found that socially withdrawn people have increased sensitivity to all kinds of emotional interactions and sensory cues, which may mean that they find pleasure where others do not. Guyer separated child subjects into “outgoing” and “reserved” groups and then had them play a game in which they had to press a button in order to win money. The reserved subjects showed two to three times more activity in the striatum region of the brain, which is associated with reward, than did the more outgoing ones.

I’ve always been an introvert and I’ve noticed that friends rarely understand the fact that sometimes I just don’t want to hang out. I wish more people understood that those like me simply have a different type of personality; we aren’t upset, angry or antisocial, we just need time to ourselves for normalcy.


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