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TheLastRipper appears to rip’s streams by song, including album art! I’ll have to give it a try to see if it’s worth using. Powered by ScribeFire. Advertisements

My surprising conclusion at that time was that it actually takes only minutes, not weeks, to master the essence of all American constitutional law. So as background to this year’s discussion of this term’s cases, and for the benefit of those busy readers who would like to be constitutional scholars but have only a few […]

His Charge: Find a Key to Students’ Success – New York Times But Dr. Fryer does not seem to be a man with doubts. The moment he knew he wanted to work directly in schools came two years ago, when a principal in Queens asked him to talk a fifth grader out of joining a […]


13Jun07 – Hooray, TSA, by Perry Since I don’t think he spoke English, the TSA guy directed me to the side and then made a motion to extend my arms out. I’ve heard that Italians make the best lovers, and in that case, they make the best security screeners as well. He smiled as he […]

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A Shocking Idea: Nerves Might Run on Sound, Not ElectricityPennsylvania Considers 10 Percent Ticket Fee | Ticket News A Pennsylvania state representative is proposing a 10 percent fee on all tickets sold for events in the Keystone State to help pay for transportation projects. Of course Pennsylvania is considering taxing concerts and the like. Anything […]

A Shocking Idea: Nerves Might Run on Sound, Not Electricity

Apple – Mac OS X Leopard About a week after I paid off my iBook the logic board died leaving me with a sleek reminder of why I shouldn’t shell out for a new Mac. Besides, all the cool applications that I use — SAS, Scientific Word, Gretl, etc. just don’t have OS X versions. […]