Pinpointing the downfall of the Simpsons


Rise and fall of a comic genius | Features | Guardian Unlimited Film

You can even put a date on it: 1997, in the early episodes of the ninth series, where the head of Bart’s school, Principal Skinner, was suddenly, arbitrarily revealed to be an impostor, and his entire life to date had been a lie. Come again? A major character in a long-running series gets unmasked as a fraud? It was cheap, idle storytelling.

This discussion of the Simpsons vis-a-vis the Simpsons Movie suggests that the exact date that the Simpsons jumped the shark was when Skinner turned out to be Armen Tanzarian (sp?). Kind of like when Bart pinpoints the exact second that Ralph’s heart broke…

I think it was a bit after that, but they’re close.


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