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NYC to Pay Poor Parents to Help Their Kids – Newsweek National News – But when school starts next week, New York City will try to use the same enticement to get parents in low-income neighborhoods more involved in their children’s education and overall health. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has raised more than $40 million […]

Windows Genuine Advantage suffers worldwide outage, problems galore Late last night we started receiving reports from readers experiencing problems with Windows Genuine Advantage authentication. Users of both Windows XP and Windows Vista were writing to say that they could not validate their installations using WGA, and one user even said that his installation was invalidated […]

I just read a great article about Stanley Kubrick — mostly his working style. He was obsessed, according to the article, with stationary. Sounds like my obsession with software. It seems that when you really love what you do, you love your tools as well. This article, and knowledge of the new Kubrick box set […]

Timeline of my summer research: Have a good idea Find out that someone already did it Decide to make minor modifications to their work and call it a contribution Above idea gets shitcanned Advisor suggests totally new project I have an idea about how to tackle it Get some initial data Realize that I need […]

MeeTimer is a Firefox extension that tracks how you spend your time on the internet. That sounds invasive. But it doesn’t send the info to anyone, it just uses it to yell at you. You define sites as belonging to different groups: work communication search procrastination then MeeTimer tracks how much you spend doing each, […]

Zippy espoused


Ah, the comic that I didn’t understand when I was little, did understand when I was 18, and forgot about by the time I had a job. Via some hardcore Wikipedia tripping, I give you The Guide To Understanding Zippy.

This guy really hates Wal*Mart.