… fast like a ninja


Gracelessly stolen from DaringFireball.net, I have to mention ninjawords, which is essentially just a really fast, easy-to-use online dictionary.

Here’s how to add it as a Quick Search in Firefox:

  • Visit ninjawords.com/test. This will give you the definition of “test”
  • Bookmark the page in Firefox’s Bookmarks > Quick Searches folder
  • Select Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks
  • Right-click on the Ninjawords bookmark and select properties
  • Change “test” in the Location field to “%s”
  • (Optional) change the Name field to say Ninjawords
  • Change the keyword field to something easy to recall. I used “nw”

Now you’re set. To use Ninjawords to look up a word, say dictatorial, type “nw dictatorial” replacing “nw” with your keyword if you used a different one. And now you’re rolling in wordy goodness.


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