My research works!


Timeline of my summer research:

  • Have a good idea
  • Find out that someone already did it
  • Decide to make minor modifications to their work and call it a contribution
  • Above idea gets shitcanned
  • Advisor suggests totally new project
  • I have an idea about how to tackle it
  • Get some initial data
  • Realize that I need more detailed data to implement my idea
  • I drop the ball horribly on getting the data
  • Oh shit, rough draft due and I have no results
  • Come up with a bunch of half-formed strategies to implement idea without the right data
  • Advisor somehow understands my half-formed strategies and shows explicitly how I can do it without the right data
  • Then, way too late, or just in time, depending on how you look at it, I get the right data
  • New data confirms previous strategy, initial idea
  • I feel vindicated


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