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It’s on AMC right now. This movie is the source of all of my secret fantasies of becoming an intelligence analyst turned field operative. I still remember the night my parents took me to see it. A line stretched throughout the entire local mall.

Movie to be filmed in Pittsburgh this winter Movie director Kevin Smith has stated that the film “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” will be shot in Pittsburgh in January. Apparently, Dogma was filmed here as well. And last year they part of a movie called “Smart People” in the very building where my main […]

I just read a great article about Stanley Kubrick — mostly his working style. He was obsessed, according to the article, with stationary. Sounds like my obsession with software. It seems that when you really love what you do, you love your tools as well. This article, and knowledge of the new Kubrick box set […]

It’s true


Real Men Love the Fifth Element It is a good movie, though I don’t quite think it’s the good movie…

Rise and fall of a comic genius | Features | Guardian Unlimited Film You can even put a date on it: 1997, in the early episodes of the ninth series, where the head of Bart’s school, Principal Skinner, was suddenly, arbitrarily revealed to be an impostor, and his entire life to date had been a […]



For now, you can watch Sicko online here. And don’t feel bad, Moore’s gone on record saying that he doesn’t mind if you share his movie as long as you don’t profit from it.