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Radiohead’s Tips Might Be Higher Than You Expect — The Seminal :: Independent Media and Politics If the era of the album is truly over, and the era of free music is truly upon us, than this tipping business model just might work in the long term. It’s something we as music fans will have […]

Imitosis by Andrew Bird This video is the posterchild for postmodernism.

Fat Albert Rotunda — Herbie Hancock In Rainbows — Radiohead Sky Blue Sky — Wilco Soviet Kitsch — Regina Spektor

Oasis, Jamiroquai to follow Radiohead – Telegraph Now Jamiroquai and Oasis, two major names that are not contracted to a record labels, are rumoured to be considering following Radiohead by offering work for free, according to industry sources.

In Rainbows, the new album by Radiohead, is available as a download starting October 10th. The price? You call it. I’m gonna pay $10. What are the economics of this?

Tweedy talks about the song, and the band plays it in the studio. Very cool.

I love “Impossible Germany” from Wilco’s new album Sky Blue Sky. I googled around and didn’t find a single tab or chord chart. So I figured out the chords. I haven’t figured out anything about the intro riff or the solo (that’s usually not the kind of stuff that I can transcribe), but I’m pretty […]