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Imitosis tab


Imitosis is a great song off of Andrew Bird’s Armchair Apocrypha (which, incidentally, is the keyboard version of a tongue twister). I got the intro riff and lyrics from a Google search, the break riff is my only real contribution here. Listen closely to the song for the timing of the chords, particularly the transition […]

I love “Impossible Germany” from Wilco’s new album Sky Blue Sky. I googled around and didn’t find a single tab or chord chart. So I figured out the chords. I haven’t figured out anything about the intro riff or the solo (that’s usually not the kind of stuff that I can transcribe), but I’m pretty […]

His new CD, “information” has a great track called “Think I’m in love.” Here’s how to play it: The main lick is: ——————————- ——————————- ——————————- —————-1———-3– ————3——1—3—— —-1–1———————- which leads into Ab – Eb (back to lick) Then the bridge is Am – Bb – Gm – Bb Am – C – Eb – Dm […]

Great song by Jolie Holland. The chord chart is simply G D Am C (repeat endlessly).