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I’m mostly over here now. Tumbling is like blogging without all of the giving a shit. For what it’s worth, I think that WordPress is the best blogging platform. It just turns out that a blogging platform isn’t what I’m really looking for.

‘South Park’: All Online, All for Free MTV Networks plans to make every clip from every episode of hit animated comedy “South Park” available for free online next year as part of a strategy to reach consumers everywhere. ADVERTISEMENT The decision from the biggest division of media conglomerate Viacom Inc follows on the heels of […]

Check out the spike in my stats after my post about oss and math: I never intended for this blog to have an audience 😉 but I don’t mind.

First, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this: Kindle: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device: Kindle Store. Kindle is basically Amazon’s new lightweight ebook reader. It looks like its built on pretty solid technology, and it has cool features — wirelessly download books inexpensively, read blogs, play music, etc. The internetarati […]

A poem


Go Tartans?


Terrier in tartan will represent CMU This little dog actually looks like a total badass.

The closure, it draws near. Remember the epic thread about… ( If a plane tries to take off on a conveyor belt moving backwards, does it take off? Physics: yes. Lots of people: no. Mythbusters: let’s just see.