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I haven’t tried Flock in almost 2 years. The 1.0 release candidate is here, and it has come a long way since the beta releases that I’ve used in the past. Still very slick, but much smoother. Though I can’t quite figure out how to add a category to my blog posts… Update: Okay, I […]

Paul Krugman – Op-Ed Columnist – New York Times Blog

MeeTimer is a Firefox extension that tracks how you spend your time on the internet. That sounds invasive. But it doesn’t send the info to anyone, it just uses it to yell at you. You define sites as belonging to different groups: work communication search procrastination then MeeTimer tracks how much you spend doing each, […]

This guy really hates Wal*Mart.

Gracelessly stolen from, I have to mention ninjawords, which is essentially just a really fast, easy-to-use online dictionary. Here’s how to add it as a Quick Search in Firefox: Visit This will give you the definition of “test” Bookmark the page in Firefox’s Bookmarks > Quick Searches folder Select Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks […]

I can finally read Krugman’s articles again. I’m sure that it’s frustrating for businesses that find it difficult to charge for software and services when others are giving away content for free. But there are people making money, otherwise the web would have crumbled by now. And people do pay for a quality product, just […]