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Google docs now supports presentations IBM Lotus Symphony, based on OpenOffice, is now free In other words, some really powerful companies are taking some pretty extreme measures to try to begin to overcome Microsoft’s dominance in the office software market. I doubt that Office will ever die, but if it loses enough market share, Microsoft […]

MeeTimer is a Firefox extension that tracks how you spend your time on the internet. That sounds invasive. But it doesn’t send the info to anyone, it just uses it to yell at you. You define sites as belonging to different groups: work communication search procrastination then MeeTimer tracks how much you spend doing each, […]

You can preserve the compatibility of your documents and avoid upgrading to the new version of Office by downloading a few filters: Convert between Office2007 (OpenXML) and older versions of Office using the Microsoft compatibility pack Convert between Office 2007 (OpenXML) and the standard Open Document format using the OpenXML/ODF converter Convert between Open Document […]

I avoided using Google Pack for a long time because I think automatic software updates are annoying. But Google does it the smart way — it doesn’t automatically download (like Windows updates) and it doesn’t nag too much. It also comes with cool programs that I didn’t know were available, like Norton Security Scan and […]

This is actually somewhat strange — You can download Star Office, Sun’s commercial version of OpenOffice, for free, with Google Pack , a bundle of software chosen by Google that consists of common downloads with a special update manager. Related — apparently Sun has a Word to ODF converter.

TheLastRipper appears to rip’s streams by song, including album art! I’ll have to give it a try to see if it’s worth using. Powered by ScribeFire.

Free music from Adult Swim. Here.